Sunday, August 31, 2003

Ketchup and commercials

Whoa! Way too long since my last entry. Lots of stuff going on though. One great find...Heinz now has an organic ketchup!. Also just saw a quick tidpit on TV regarding a promotion KIA UK did last year in which they gave car buyers a free mountain bike to encourage alternative commuting. They also promoted walking buses for school children, if only we could get Americans to take it up. Oh, and I love this one. I guess Wash Right has been going in Europe for four years. Boy do we need this in the States. Check it out to 'optimize your washing habits'.

Went to a couple great events last week. The Fashion is Art show was incredible and SSF was very pleased to host an Afterglow post party to thank all the local designers. Also went to a benefit event produced by Minty Magazine, a "rebirth" party for PF Flyers for which Sharpshooter's Shane Hunt (aka DJ Sureshot) did a great job as auctioneer.

Finally, I went to a performance of the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center's (LHPAC) Soul of the Beauty and the Beast. WOW! Absolutely incredible performances by ALL high school and younger. Great acting, outstanding singing, incredible dancing. Who needs American Idol when you have the students at LHPAC. Forget the opera, forget Broadway...the only performance that I now HAVE to see every year is the show put on by the Center. Keep it on your radar.

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