Monday, June 23, 2003

Danny's green buzz

Lots of green gossip from Danny Seo's greenbuzz column in July/August edition of Organic Style. Per the King of conscious style: Christina Aquilera is big into organic milk and fruits; Ricky Paul Goldin even buys organic goodies for his three animal-rescue dogs; Lyndsey Fonseca must have veggie burgers on her menus; Peter Reckell's hot tub is solar powered after much ado; Danny's latest LA Fashion Week Fur Free Party included Daryl Hannah, Jennie Garth, Fred Savage, Danny Masterson, Ashley Scott, Rick Yune and Puff Daddy's girl group true Danny style, cocktails in corn-derived plastic cups by NatureWorks PLA included organic juice from Whole Foods Market, Pier 1 wooden chairs approved by the Forest Stewardship Council were available to lounge in. For more info and details I highly recommend you pick up the latest issue, the whole issue is chock full of great stuff. My 'turned tab" test (how many page corners I turn for later reading) resulted in a whopping 11 tabs for this the GEICO commercial says "impressive, green one".

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