Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canoe Journey

I have had the great honor of participating in the annual Canoe Journey in the Salish Sea since 2008. The Journey is an event that takes place each summer in which Tribes from around the Pacific Northwest paddle traditional canoes to a host tribe. I was initially invited by Danny Marshall, Tribal Leader of the Steilacoom Tribe to be part of their Canoe Family along with the Carver Camp Canoe Family headed by Phil Red Eagle. The group was finishing up carving a Hunting Canoe called "Flicker" so I was able to help finish the Canoe and take her on her first voyage.

MANY MANY MANY THANK YOUs to the paddlers, support crew, and hosts who make each Journey so incredible!

Follow my blog posts for each Journey below...

2011 Paddle to Swinomish
2010 Paddle to Makah
2009 Paddle to Suquamish
2008 Paddle to Cowichan, BC

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