Friday, October 08, 2004

The environment with Andre

It has been a crazy week at the office with our annual campaign and membership drive going and all. So I'm SO psyched I could fit in a short roadtrip to hear Andre Heinz speak on the environment at a town hall meeting up in Bellingham (one of my favorite cities up here in the NW) on Thursday. The gist of the meeting was, no surprise, the fact that Kerry has a pretty stellar record on the environment while Bush...well doesn't by a longshot.

I've been told for a couple years now by lots of folks to contact him since he has a degree in environmental studies from Yale (one of the grad schools I'm considering) and is working with The Natural Step to help companies go sustainable. Turns out Andre knows Jesse Johnson at Q Collection too. Crazy small world. Andre's really a great guy, very eloquent and able to engage people on a very personal level. We need to clone him right away. Ranks right up there with my heroes Vicki Robin, Paul Hawkin and Jane Goodall in my book. Andre's mother, Theresa Heinz Kerry, is a very outspoken environmentalist so kind of like the Suzukis, I guess 'green' genes do run in the family. Andre also attended the Friday debates here in Seattle so got another chance to hear Andre speak in broader terms on the election too. I'm all revved up now!

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