Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sean in the city

All is well at NY Fashion Week. Started my NY visit with another listen to the fabulous voice of Julia Fordham at Joes Pub. Julia had a full band with her this time so it was a bit more rock than here Seattle show...still amazing though.

On Wednesday I paid a visit to Q Collection guys Jesse and Anthony to check out their showroom of fabulous sustainable furniture and accessories. OMG...I want one of everything. We conspired a bit to get Q Collection stuff on Oprah and Queer Eye, so stay tuned. After Q Collection I hopped on the L train and went over to see the latest goodies at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn. David Alhadef continues to have a great thing going there with some of the coolest stuff that happens to have a great sustainability story as well. Stay tuned for some pics.

Last evening was spent at the great Fashion Week post-party put on by Organic Style Magazine and Angella Lindvall's Collage Foundation. Got to meet up with entomologist and model Summer Rayne Oakes and of course, ecostylist to the stars Danny Seo was there. Great time and a wonderful fundraiser for Collage.

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